Your logo is not your Brand, your Brand is a feeling


Your logo is not your Brand, your Brand is a feeling




Paty Ventura

Your logo is not your Brand, your Brand is a feeling

Behind all the gorgeous art & design, there’s a science – a strategy. A formula of psychology, market data, archetypal principles and firsthand experience. Your brand is more than the shapes in your logo, the fonts on your website and the colors on your instagram feed. The ultimate goal for your business is to have your brand transcend your products.

The Main Key To Building An Iconic Brand.

Iconic brands say something about who you are without saying a word. Iconic brands are a mirror of a not so distant future for their customers. They are aspirational, at the same time accessible. But they are always one step ahead of their customer. Accessible brands meet consumers where they are without giving them what they already have. Iconic brands present a new perspective, a new future, a new reality that people can envision for themselves.

So, how do you do it exactly?

With emotion. Emotion disarms. People let their guard down to relate to a brand that makes them feel related to. How you make your audience feel is more important than your product or service. So how do you find that feeling?

You must truly know your customer, inside and out.

You have to talk to them and ask them these questions: What do they aspire to do/ be or have? What future can your brands mirror reflect for them? How can you meet them where they are? When you can get in their heads, and have the answer ready to a question they haven't even completed the thought of – that is when you truly create an remarkable connection.

Be original and nurture the connection.

The most iconic brands represent the personalities of their founders. You are original. When you show up as yourself, you give other people permission to be themselves. That is the highest honor your brand can serve.

These Turn Into Long-term Success For Building Your Iconic Brand.

When you combine a strong brand voice that lives beautifully alongside your name, logo, colors and great design - & infuse it all with emotion - your brand becomes an ad that lives in your customers head forever.

Turn this insight, into action

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