Marketing is like planting a garden


Marketing is like Planting a Garden




Paty Ventura

Marketing is like planting a garden

You have to have a healthy foundation for your marketing to grow upon, meaning your website is already converting, your brand is trustworthy, & you have influence over a growing community. If you're doing everything correctly, marketing will amplify your business for growth.

#1: Your Website is the Soil

In the world of online marketing, success comes from having a well-designed website that is easy to navigate and eye-catching enough to attract customers. It is important to think of your website as the soil in which you will plant your brand's seeds. Quality content, social media engagement and search engine optimization (SEO) are all necessary ingredients for cultivating an effective online presence.

#2: Your Content is the Seeds

Your content is the seed that will grow into a thriving online presence for your brand. Content should be fresh, relevant and interesting - something that will capture the attention of potential customers and make them stay on your site longer.

#3: Your consistency on Social is the Water

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter are also great places for planting content seeds - every post you make is like throwing another handful of fertilizer onto your garden! 🌷 You should post regularly on these channels so that people know when they can expect new updates from you; consistency encourages trustworthiness in prospective customers who may be unfamiliar with your product or service offering.

#4: Your Brand is the Sunlight

Finally, branding efforts complete the picture by providing consistent 'sunlight' for our garden analogy - this includes things like logo design & messaging style guidelines which ensure all communications across multiple channels look unified & professional at all times no matter where they're being seen from (e-mail campaigns vs print ads etc).

The Run Down

Your website is the soil, your content is the seeds, your consistency on social is the water, and your brand is the sunlight.

This means your website is already converting, your brand is trustworthy, & you have influence over a growing community. Marketing & Ad dollars will not fix a non-converting website. Marketing & Ad dollars amplify your conversions.

Turn this insight, into action

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