Creating a brand marketing strategy

Creating a brand marketing strategy and 4 examples on how you can apply these tactics today

Brand marketing is focused on creating a strong, recognizable brand identity that resonates with a target audience. It's all about creating an emotional connection and long-term loyalty to your product or service. Your brand marketing strategy is how you’re going to tell people about your brand. It’s the long-term program of communication that explains your values, personality, and mission. What is your brand’s story? Why are you different? What does your brand make people feel? Your brand marketing strategy needs to focus on tactics that think a layer above the nuts and bolts of your standard business. Any marketing materials need to be designed with the purpose of creating & maintaining a connection with your audience.


Begin by asking a few simple questions: what is your company trying to achieve? For who, and why? What makes you different? You’ll quickly find that the answers to these questions – even in bullet point form – will start to build a picture that you can share with people!


Sometimes the journey is as important as the destination. If your company has an emotional history, a family background, a wealth of industry experience, or an unique success story, start telling people about it!


Humans are social animals that love to be recommended things and are easily influenced by people we think are aspirational. So try and build an army of ambassadors – either through paid influencer programs or customer loyalty reward programs – who can publicly and proudly shout from their lungs that they're your number one fan.


It’s worth remembering that a customer who simply makes a purchase and moves on is less likely to become brand loyal than one who feels like they’ve properly interacted with your brand. So reach out to people on social media, thank customers, create new channels for discussion – just ensure you’re always maintaining consistency in tone and style across those touchpoints.

Create a connection that lasts

Talk to your audience on video and share stories. Don't always show up to sell. Show up to share a laugh with them, show up to share knowledge and ask how they're doing today. Create a connection that lasts. In conclusion, the important key is to try and promote your brand marketing throughout your brand touch points, from top to bottom, and in everything you do. 💎

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