Miki Agrawal

August 2020

Humans are Fucking Awesome

When Miki Agrawal and her husband climbed to the top of a mountain in Santa Barbara in early 2020 – just at the beginning of quarantine – both of them stood in awe at the mile-long power lines stretched across the rolling mountains. Agrawal found herself saying, “Man, humans are fucking awesome,” as she marvelled at the height and magnitude of the telecommunication towers and the tremendous capabilities of human beings.

This realisation prompted Agrawal to start @humansarefuckinawesome (HAFA), an Instagram account that recognises “awesome humans” and their many incredible achievements.

HAFA comes to life

Miki posted an Instagram story saying that she had an idea for this art project about spreading awesomeness not germs, and asked if anyone wanted to join. We jumped at the opportunity to work with Miki and her team and are ecstatic to have been chosen to work alongside her.

We helped her team with the branding of HAFA, working together on a brand logo, color palettes, type library and custom illustrations. The end result being the content all over the instagram feed.



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